The Host...
posted February 9, 2007 by Chris Randall

I saw the full-length theatrical trailer for this on HDNET last night. Up until then, I had never heard of it. Apparently, it's a Korean monster flick. Usually, I like my monster movies with a liberal dose of zombies, but in this case I'll make an exception. Anyone here see it yet? The American trailer (which is available on plays up the funny aspects of the film. The one above is the UK trailer.

Nothin' But Fun...
posted February 9, 2007 by Chris Randall
Just got word from the pressing plant that all is in order with both the CR album and the Bounte album, so everything is going according to plan. We should have the actual CDs well in time for the estimated shipping date of 2/20. (It would have been 2/19, but the Post Office decided they weren't going to come to work that day.)

In other news, I'm working full steam ahead on the new Micronaut album(s). There will actually be several different vocalists on this iteration of Micronaut, for some new flavor. Who knew the Pacific Northwest had rappers? Go figure.

And finally, I now have a full install of the Business version of Vista. I'll put it in as soon as the company that makes my audio card releases 64-bit drivers. This should be entertaining.

Ugh Part Two...
posted February 7, 2007 by Chris Randall
Apparently, my eyes are totally fucked. I dropped almost a full diopter in my right eye, and half in my left. This is weak. At this rate, I'm going to be using the bottoms of coke bottles for my glasses in about 3 years.

Also, come to find out, I've developed astigmatism. So my contact lens prescription changed to these little eyeball-sucking leech things. Pop.

But my new glasses look very nice. There's that. And I got prescription Ray-Bans for my sporting lifestyle. I'm fucking set now. At least until I go blind.

posted February 4, 2007 by Chris Randall
I have to go to the optometrist today. One of the least favorite running sagas of my life, to be sure. I'm actually in that special place in life where prescription sunglasses don't seem like such a bad idea. The last time I was in that special place was in, like, 1984, when those lenses that get dark when you go outside were just out. Gods, those were dorky.

I wonder how that technology has progressed.

And We're Off...
posted February 2, 2007 by Chris Randall
As you may not have yet discovered, The Devil His Due (you have no idea how hard it is to _not_ write "T3h Devil...") is now available for purchase from shopPOSI. The CD will not ship until 2/20, but you can get the digital download now. And, of course, you'll get the download whether you buy the CD or not. You can (and should) also purchase Bounte : One simultaneously.

In other news, I'm taking my cousin Michael snowboarding tomorrow. Well, he's one of those luddites that skies, but same fucking mountain, right? Trying to decide between Timberline and Bachelor. I guess I'll have a look at the weather tomorrow and make up my mind then.

Customer Disservice...
posted February 1, 2007 by Chris Randall
So, when we moved here we had to switch our cell service from T-Mobile (a pretty shitty company) to Sprint (an excruciatingly shitty company) because Sprint is really the only cell provider that can manage to get signal down this canyon, although even that is catch-as-catch-can.

In any case, it's not so terrible, and we're getting along. Just before Christmas I ordered my mother a cell phone attached to my account. Inexplicably, Sprint sent us _two_ phones, and started billing me for two. This didn't make me happy, but I thought "no harm, no foul. I'll go to the handy Sprint Store and get it sorted out." I won't go in to vivid detail, but after three visits to the store and at least five half-hour phone calls to India, I still have this fucking phone. Normally, I'm pretty polite with customer service people, but I swear to christ...


Anyways, my question is thus: can someone make a positive correlation between the quality of customer service in this country and the general decline of the American Empire? The way the Romans knew their empire was collapsing is when the mail stopped. Is this our version?

Bounte Stuff...
posted January 31, 2007 by Chris Randall
Lest it gets lost in all the excitement, don't forget that you can listen to Bounte : One on LastFM in its entirety as well. This album will be available for purchase simultaneously with my album, and needless to say, you should buy both.
Greetings and stuff...
posted January 30, 2007 by Chris Randall
Welcome to the New Site. We've been talking about doing this for so long that it seems strange that it's actually here. Sort of like Peace In The Middle East, just a hazy concept and not actual fact. But completely unlike Peace In The Middle East, here we are.

Some house cleaning first and foremost: if you're coming here from the site, you no doubt understand that Sister Machine Gun no longer exists. I have moved on a new artistic path, one that offers me greater freedom of expression. It should be apparent to everyone that was a fan of SMG since the beginning that I've been pushing at the genre-imposed boundries of industrial music for the last several years. I finally came to my senses (unlike many of my peers, I'm sorry to say) and admitted that Wax Trax no longer exists, and big chunky guitars over drum machine beats maybe isn't that cool any more.

So, out with the old, in with the new. Again, for people familiar with posiNET in general, this site operates more or less like all the others. We have utilized more features of posiNET in this site than is usual; you can add an avatar to your user page, and this will show up in the private messages and your newsgroup posts. This is the main thing you'll notice that is different than I don't need to tell you not to be a complete retard about the picture you add, so I won't. But don't. will remain in place, of course, for historical purposes. We're not going to stop selling SMG records in shopPOSI or anything. I'm not one of those types that will try to run and hide from my past, and there is a lot in the (admittedly vast) SMG catalog that I'm unreasonably proud of.

This site is a bit thin in the content department right now, I suppose it's worth noting. We'll be adding more as things progress. The album is available for streaming on LastFM, as is the attendent E.P. If you're a LastFM user, please listen and tag appropriately. As is usual with our releases of late, as soon as we approve the CD production, you'll be able to pre-order the album in shopPOSI, and you'll get the digital download immediately, whether or not you buy the CD. The EP is digital only.

And finally, a special thank-you to long-time fans who have put up with my creative hikinks and missteps for going on two decades now. We're all getting older, and hopefully wiser, and here's where things change for the better.

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