Prism - A Generative Art Collection

Prism is a collection of 100 unique single-edition artworks on the Tezos blockchain, created in C++. Each 2000x2000 pixel PNG is created after purchase, salted by the wallet address of  the purchaser, minted on Hic-Et-Nunc, and sent to the purchaser's account. 

To receive a Prism, get this NFT from Hic Et Nunc, and then send it to the wallet prismcreate.tez. Sometime thereafter, a Prism will be minted, and appear in your H=N collection. (Note that these are each created by hand, one at a time, so arrival time varies a bit.)

Every Prism is unique, but there are six different types of Prism, randomly distributed through the drop. The Prism you receive is up to chance.

Post-Game: after all 100 Prisms have been distributed, three normal Prisms can be sent to prismburn.tez, and the sender will receive an UltraPrism, which has the same number of white crystals as the number of Prisms burned. 


Qty - 77

This is the principle and most common type of Prism, with two crystal types and one color. There are 77 of these in the collection. Each is unique, seeded from the purchaser's wallet address.

To create an UltraPrism, three or more of these Prisms need to be sent to prismburn.tez

Prism Abberation

Qty - 10

The second-most common Prism, this version consists of a single crystal type. There are ten of these throughout the collection.


Qty - 7

There are seven CyberPrisms in the drop. They are the same as a normal Prism, with cyan-colored small crystals, but have orange large crystals.

CyberPrism Abberation

Qty - 3 

A very rare Prism, there are only three in the collection. This Prism has no small crystals, and only orange large crystals. 


Qty - 2

The second-most-rare, this Prism has cyan small crystals and yellow large crystals. There are only two in the collection. 

HyperPrism Abberation

Qty - 1

The rarest of all Prisms, there is only a single HyperPrism Abberation in the collection. It has no small crystals, and yellow large crystals. 


Qty - Unknown

An UltraPrism can only be created by sending three or more normal Prisms (not Aberrations, Cybers, or Hypers) to prismburn.tez

The number of white crystals corresponds to the number of Prisms that were sent. After the creation of the UltraPrism, the Prisms used to create it are sent to the Tezos burn address. 


As each Prism is minted, it will be added here.

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