Social Media

I am not on Facebook. If you see me there, it is not me. My Twitter accounts are not in use. I am active on Instagram and Threads.


My Threads account. 

Twitter Art

My visual art Twitter account; very rarely checked. 


Since the Stupifying of Twitter, this is my principle social media presence. I cross-post all my Insta content on TikTok, if that's your bag. 

Audio & Visual

You can find all the music I've made in the last 15 years on my BandCamp page. Older than that, you're going to need to go digging. 


My channel for infrequent live performance videos and suchlike.

Audio Damage

My day-job for the last two decades, creating music software products. You're most likely to find me in the AD Discord


All my music output ends up here.

A Heavily Abridged Autobiography...

Born in Hawaii on a summer day in 1968, I've spent the vast majority of my life resenting my parents for leaving what I can only assume was a pastoral tropical paradise. Raised in more or less equal parts in rural Oregon and the Lower East Side of New York City, I came to appreciate dichotomy at an early age, and this has stuck with me throughout.

I am a creative industries lifer, and have been in the trenches my entire adult life, first as a professional musician (if you're here from a Google search trying to relive those halcyon days of youth in the 90s, yes, I'm that Chris Randall) then as a lighting designer and record label owner, and currently as a product designer. Art and music have been the touchstones of my entire existence. I happily create in whatever medium is at hand.

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