1/365 Cactus Noir

A little combo platter for my first Thing A Day. I just today got back a roll of Ilford HP5+ that I put through my original Lomo LC-A last week, and of the 28 images on the roll, 16 were pictures of saguaro (pronounced “sawarro”) cactus I took on a morning hike. I assembled these in to a short 9:16 video loop and wrote a tiny bit of music to go with it, which you can see and hear here

I love shooting film, but I don’t love developing it (the smell lingers, and the potential for fuck-ups are many), so I bite the bullet and send it off to The Darkroom for processing. They do an excellent job, but it is an expensive hobby. I just bought a half-frame camera on eBay (an original Olympus Pen F) which should be here in a couple days. This will hopefully make shooting film a little less painful, as one gets twice as many exposures from a single roll. We’ll see. 

But while we’re seeing, I have two rolls of 110 and a disposable camera on deck and it’s going to cost me damn nigh $80 to see if any of those pictures don’t suck. You gotta really want it these days. 

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