10/365 Canary

Apologies for the lack of throughput. I have been doing Things every day, and documenting them, but this has been a remarkably busy week for me; we got our main bathroom renovated, and a lot of the finish work is on me (because it “saves money” or whatever, apparently). 

Which brings us to the photo above; we hired out most of the renovation (plumbing, tile work, drywall, etc., basically the tweaky parts that suck) and I restified the original vanity from 80s Coke Dealer Honey Oak to something that would theoretically be in a tasteful mid-century modern house. I also removed the big built-in closet in the bathroom, and in its place, I am building a sort of sideboard thing. Through shear happenstance, Woodworker’s Source (the best store in the world) was having an end-of-year sale on live edge slabs, and I bought the gigantic slab of canarywood you see pictured above. 

So, I have spent the last several days molding this slab in to the perfect size and shape to fit in the bathroom; it is not finished yet. For photography’s purposes, I engaged in the fine woodworker’s trick of wiping it down with denatured alcohol. I will finish it with Odie’s Oil, as I do all of my woodworking, and weld the lower part. I haven’t decided whether to do shelves or drawers underneath; I’m going to weld up the carcass, and then we’ll live with it for a couple months and see how we feel about things, which is normal for furniture I build. I am, however, going to make two floating shelves above it, also of canarywood. As soon as I have this built, I’ll do those. 

Thanks for suffering this brief pause. I am taking tomorrow off from chores, and episodes 11, 12, 13, and 14 will all go up tomorrow throughout the day. 

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