11/365 Vibe

This kind of thing doesn’t photograph very well (or, if you’re a Twitch streamer or some sort of shouty “BWUTZUPGUYZEZZZZ!!!!” vlogger, perhaps too well) so let me just say that in person, it doesn’t look so ARE. GEE. BEE!!!! I decided to give my office a vibe check, and I found it lacking. So I built a shelf, which effectively gave me half again my desk space, back lit it, and gave it a rack. Now I can just push everything out of the way and have a full desk for whatever. Next few days: I’ll design a little bracket in Blender and 3D print it to attach a powered USB hub to the underside in a convenient place, and I’m going to dress all the cables very neatly, thus forcing this to be my situation for the foreseeable future. 

Short term: gonna get rid of the shitty pine shelves above my desk, and add nice floating shelves of baltic birch ply to match the desk, and 3D print an organizer to go on the wall space currently occupied by my AxiDraw. 

Long term: going to empty out my office, scrape the popcorn off the ceiling, do a treatment for sound, and put built-in cabinets along the wall behind me (per this photo.) Then we’ll be vibin’. 

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