Obviously, my “Thing A Day” attempt was dead almost before it began. I am, it turns out, just too fucking busy to faff about making disembodied hands videos every day for the shit of it. 

But w/e. I’ll see if I can’t catch back up but I ain’t sweating it. I’m not numbering them any more, though. That is a tyrannical way to make things. Which brings us to these photos. I buy virtually every camera I come across in thrift stores or yard sales. As a result, I have a whole lot of consumer crap film cameras, including several 110-format (and disk, but those are basically paperweights at this juncture.) A few years back, Lomo was having a sale on four-packs of mix-and-match 110 film, and I bought some. I loaded two cameras (a fairly nice Minolta 110, and a piece of shit Kodak 110) and then immediately forgot about them. A couple weeks ago, I found them in a drawer, both with unexposed rolls of film in them, and took them out for a spin. 

The piece of shit Kodak camera _sucks_ at abstract photography. Everything I took with it looks like a 1970s tourist snapshot. However, the Minolta, with a roll of Lomo Orca black-and-white, got some fairly interesting abstract shots. I think the last one in the set above is my dog. I am pleased with these, but I couldn’t say why. 

In other news, I entered my first juried photography show. I’ll let you know how that goes. 

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