2/365 DP-50

I was out running errands the other day, and saw a sign that a pawn shop I used to frequent when I lived on that side of town was going out of business. So I popped in, and left with a camera, a lens, and this Crumar DP-50. Apparently, this is the keyboard heard in the beginning of “Everything In Its Right Place” and having it in my possession, I can see how that sound is living inside this thing. Unfortunately, it is one of those synths where you have to consider its sonic capabilities modulo its weight, and sadly, the equation doesn’t play out in its favor. Despite its unnecessary girth, it has a wonderfully creamy sound and feel, and I will enjoy having it in my office for a while; expect to see more in the coming weeks. The little video above is my first play, using my usual AUM looping patch with Enso and Other Desert Cities, as usual. You can also heart it on Instagram or TikTok, if that’s your bag. 

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