5/365 alone

Today started out with Audio Damage coding (making a new beta build of Axon 3 for our testers to break); right when I got that done, my new 3D printer I bought myself for Christmas showed up. Assembling and debugging it took me right up to dinner. After dinner, it was straight downtown for First Friday. 

Long story short: I didn’t have time to do a bespoke Thing for today. I was going to put up a photo of Benchy (the “Hello, World” of 3D printing) but that seemed entirely too prosaic. Then I remembered that I had taken a bunch of photos at First Friday, including the one above. First Friday in Phoenix is something you have to experience. It is _easily_ one of the largest in the nation, if not the largest. 
This young fellow was, well… I’m just gonna go ahead and say “not gifted.” But the absolute brass it takes to stand on a street corner with a distorted guitar, and sing your heart out with no backing band… I literally can’t even, and I’ve played thousands of shows, many of which were to thousands of people. The level of comfort you get from having three or four other people on stage that know your mind and are pulling on the same rope is something one can take for granted. This was at the very beginning; they had just closed the streets, so there weren’t too many people out yet. But even so, my hat’s off to him; I couldn’t do that. 

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