9/365 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

So I have solved the “everyday carry” problem. While that Nikon S8000 point and shoot was fun, and it does take some interesting images, at the end of the day, I need something with a few more features and a bit more heft to it. I had been looking at a Ricoh GRIII, but honestly, the thought of spending a thousand dollars on a point-and-shoot just seems ridiculous. If I was a professional I might have a different opinion, but I am not. So it is obviously far better to spend $200 five times than $1000 once. To that end, I had settled on the “premium point and shoot” market, and principally the Panasonic DMC-LX7. There are current models, the LX10 and LX100, but I think the 7 had the right combo of features and glass that I was looking for. It was actually kind of difficult to buy this very common camera. I initially ordered one from mpb, but their relationship with online commerce is rooted in 1997, and after two phone calls to try to get this fucking camera in a box and on its way, I just said “this is stupid cubed right here” and canceled the order. 

Next stop was eBay. The first one I bought, the seller cancelled the order (I assume they sold it locally, on Craigslist or Facebook.) The second one I purchased the day after Christmas, and this knucklehead didn’t even send it until last Friday. But it finally arrived yesterday, and Luna and I took it for a test drive. This short video is the result. 

I am _extremely_ happy with the abstract stuff. It will take some faffing about with the settings to get it to do macros how I like, and the A7C with its Sigma macro lens is always going to be the more useful tool for that, and for product shots and what not, but I think this will be my main street photography axe for some time. 

Music: Axon 3 + Quanta 2 + Continua.

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